Ubiquitous by Gerrie Chocolate Love by Gerrie Birds of a Feather by Gerrie
Rainbows & Sun Breaks by Gerrie Gilded Pears by Gerrie Rainy Day Shelter
Simple Geometry by Gerrie Salvage Chairs by Gerrie Ì Chaluim Cille Fuinneog by Gerrie
Pop Art Identity by Gerrie Satin Sheets by Gerrie The Twelves by Gerrie Congdon

Gerrie Congdon

This gallery features the art quilts of Gerrie Congdon of Portland, Oregon from the first Theme Series.

Hover over the thumbnail for a larger image. Click on the thumbnail to view the artist statement for the particular quilt.

Also see Gerrie's Colorplay Gallery and Gerrie's 2012 Series Gallery.

Ubiquitous by Gerrie