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We love to share the story of our project. Here are some frequently asked questions:

You can read much more in our BOOK - Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge!

How did Twelve by Twelve get together?

Twelve by Twelve owes its conception to the wonders of the Internet! Diane writes:

 I'd been blogging since 2004 and through blogs I'd become aware of other art quilters who were blogging about their fiber adventures.  At a local quilt show in the fall of 2007, I saw a collection of small journal quilts made by a group of five women who challenged each other with different themes.  When I started thinking about how I could be part of such a group, it occurred to me that through the blogs I read regularly, I already knew of quilt artists whose work inspired me and with whom I'd enjoy playing.  I took a leap of faith and emailed eleven women, nine of whom I didn't know at all except from their blogs, and asked if they'd want to play in a challenge group.  They agreed and we were off and running. 

 Wanna Play?

How does the group run?

We set the group early on to run in a fairly democratic way.  We agreed on the size and shape our challenge quilts would be, we agreed on having a two-month period between quilt "reveals," and we agreed that we would each take turns choosing a challenge theme.  We set up a blog on which each of us could post so we could post photos of our work in progress and final quilts, and so we could talk with each other about what we were doing.  Brenda set up a group website to present images of our quilts by challenge and by artist. We also have a Yahoo group for private discussions.

Do the Twelves ever meet in person?

When Diane first formed our group back in September 2007, only three or four of us had met in person and many of us had not even encountered each other online. Fast forward 4+ years and that all changed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston where nine of the Twelves presented a combined exhibition of our Theme Series and our Colorplay Series. This is the current state of our meeting matrix and we're working on completing the connections:

Meeting Matrix

Where are the quilts now? can I see them?

We are delighted to be able to share our collection "in the cloth" with each of our local communities. The Colorplay Series will travel down under in 2013 and will be on display at:

See our Exhibitions page for a complete listing of upcoming exhibitions and other events.

We are indebted to Del Thomas and the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection, for sponsorship that enabled us to exhibit both the Theme Series and the Colorplay Series, a total of 288 quilts!, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Cincinnati 13-15 April 2012 and Long Beach 27-29 July 2012.

In Australia and New Zealand, we acknowledge the support of Expertise Events (organisers of the Australasian Quilt Convention and Craft & Quilt Shows) in providing quality venues to present our work.

Australasian Quilt Convention   Craft & Qulit Fair

In the United Kingdom, Chris, De and Brigitte from Midsomer Quilting have been champions of our project from the outset and have hosted an exhibition of the Theme Series before it toured onto the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in 2011.

Midsomer Quilting

 What will happen to the quilts? Are any for sale?

For exhibition purposes and ease of hanging logistics, all of the art quilts in the Theme Series and the Colorplay Series have been affixed to black felt panels. This is a temporary measure. Once the exhibition tour is complete, each Twelve will receive their own quilts back to deal with at their own discretion. Some works may be for sale. If there is a particular art quilt that interests you for purchase, or a commission in a similar style, please contact the relevant Twelve via their blog or website that can be found on their Twelve Profile page.

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